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Occasionally God allows us opportunities to experience the full joy of giving to others – this event was one of those times. Foundation Arco Iris, HOPE worldwide’s partner in La Paz, Bolivia, chose 20 of the poorest families of the 120 families we support.

These families are the poorest of the poor. Many do not have running water, electricity or adequate homes. They don’t have food, clothing and certainly not enough money for Christmas gifts.

We provided “víveres,” which means life-giving food such as rice, beans, sugar, salt, oil. In addition, clothing and wrapped gifts were distributed for each family member.

We were overwhelmed with the generosity of those who donated clothing; including USAID, the American Embassy and several friends within the local community. There was enough clothing donated to provide for all 120 families. We were overjoyed to give to those who needed it most. Together with these families, we shed tears of gratitude for our many blessings and the opportunity to give in such a special way.

A young mother shared her thankfulness and a prayer request that God would bless us. From her poverty and gratitude she prayed that we would be blessed – wow! The HOPE worldwide Bolivia team believes that her prayer has already been answered.